The Yeshiva of Greater Washington

Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky

Harav Ahron Lopiansky is Rosh Yeshiva of the Yeshiva Gedola of Greater Washington. In addition to giving daily shiurim at the Yeshiva, Rav Lopiansky is sought after as an international lecturer and an accomplished author. Rav Lopiansky's breadth of knowledge on the widest array of topics in both Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol make his shiurim all the more inspiring and fascinating. Rav Lopiansky has written a number of seforim in both Hebrew and English as well as a Siddur mefurash.

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Purim 5775 The AwakeningThat Allows For Tefillah (Motzei Purim) Purim 9 min
Purim 5775 The Nose & The Life From Connecting To Above Purim 22 min
Purim 5775 The Retroactive Redemption (Ohr Gedalyahu 4) (YISE) Purim 47 min
Purim 5776 Amalek; The Anti-Israel (Ma'amar HaIkrim #21) Purim 39 min
Purim 5776 Daas Filling Our Actions (Ohr Torah of R' Yitzchak Issac Chaver #34) (Cincinnati) Purim 31 min
Purim 5776 Ester, Negation Of Self & The Key To Everything (Ohr Chadash Daf 113 V'Yehee Uman (5776 #3)) Purim 25 min
Purim 5776 Fighting Amalek Through Living Towards A Better Future (Leil Purim) Purim 23 min
Purim 5776 The Reishit & The Anti-Reishit (Derech Chaim Perek 5 Mishna 1 Part 1) Purim 28 min
Purim 5776 The Revelation Of Hidden Miracles (Pachad Yitzchak #10) Purim 42 min
Purim 5776 The Speech That Gives Life and Purpose (Lakewood) (Ohr Torah of R' Yitzchak Issac Chaver #34) Purim 36 min
Purim 5776 The Strength Of Silence (Nesiv HaShtika Perek 1 #9) Purim 34 min
Purim 5776 Touching The Beyond (Shushan Purim, from the Magen Avos) Purim 38 min
Purim 5777 Beyond Chochma Purim 26 min
Purim 5777 Fighting Spiritual Weariness (Melave Malka At Ner Yisroel, 10 Adar 2) Purim 31 min
Purim 5777 Valuation & Devaluation - Amalek (Sifsei Chaim) (YISE) Purim 55 min
Purim 5778 Mordecai & Esther vs. Avoda Zara & Arios (Mesiba) Purim 29 min
Purim 5778 Randomness and Pattern (YISE, 13 Adar) Purim 49 min
Purim 5779 Fixing Evil (Derech Eitz HaChaim #9) Purim 26 min
Purim 5779 The Laughter of the End (Rav Moshe Shapiro, Sefer Zeh Hashar, Ma'amar 69) (Shushan Purim) Purim 29 min
Purim 5779 The New Revelation Of The Megilla (Rav Shapiro, Afikei Mayim) Purim 42 min
Purim 5779 The Revelation of The Goral (Yeshiva) Purim 20 min
Purim 5779 Why Purim and Chanukah Are Through Women (Passaic Shiur For Women) Purim 25 min
Purim Lech Knos HaYehudim, Anshei Knesset HaGedola and the Emergence Of Knesses Yisroel (Derech Chaim Perek 1 Mishna 1 Part 4) (Purim 6) Purim 37 min
Purim Safek & Cynicism (Derech Chaim Perek 3 Mishna 18 part 2) Purim 34 min
Shemos 5778 Shabbos and The Return To Self (Reishit) Shabbos 16 min