The Yeshiva of Greater Washington

Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky

Harav Ahron Lopiansky is Rosh Yeshiva of the Yeshiva Gedola of Greater Washington. In addition to giving daily shiurim at the Yeshiva, Rav Lopiansky is sought after as an international lecturer and an accomplished author. Rav Lopiansky's breadth of knowledge on the widest array of topics in both Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol make his shiurim all the more inspiring and fascinating. Rav Lopiansky has written a number of seforim in both Hebrew and English as well as a Siddur mefurash.

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5777 Emes; The Basis Of Chinuch (Q & A from 40 minutes) (England, Chazon Event) Parenting 59 min
Achrayos (Torah U' Mesorah 5773) Parenting 47 min
Chinuch Questions & Answers - Av 5771 Parenting 88 min
Chinuch Series #1 Beliefs, Values and Emotional Connection; The Family and Society (5779) Parenting 59 min
Chinuch Series #2 Why Gemorah Learning (5779) Parenting 50 min
Chinuch Series #3 Teenagers (5779) Parenting 53 min
Inspiring Talmidim (Baltimore Mechanchim #1) Parenting 46 min
Learning L'shma (Baltimore Mechanchim #2) Parenting 42 min
Making Our Children Passive (Lakewood Technology Asifa 5779) Parenting 34 min
Not a Minor Issue (Yom Iyun Elul 15 5776)- Afterword- The Importance of a Chavrusa( Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky) Parenting 12 min
Not a Minor Issue (Yom Iyun Elul 15 5776)- Alumni- Chinuch; Assur, Muttar and Pasht Nisht( Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky) Parenting 15 min
Parenting Seminar @ Aish (Denver #2) Parenting 81 min
Parenting Teenagers; Staying Strong and Keeping a Perspective When Your Teens are Struggling (Shaarei Tefilla, Beit Shemesh) Parenting 46 min
Parshas Eikev 5775 - Chinuch - Defining 'Bracha' Parenting 24 min
Remaining Inspired As Educators (Denver #3 -- Cut Off) Parenting 26 min
The Essence Of Chinuch (5779) Parenting 30 min
Torah And Seeing The Infinite In The Constant And Limited (Baltimore Mechanchim) Parenting 36 min
Yesodei HaTorah 0979 - 0980 Eikev (Chinuch on the meaning of bracha) (5775) Parenting 24 min
Tefillah 23 R'ei Na B'Anyeinu Tefilla 25 min
Rosh HaShana 5777 Ramchal (Ma'amar HaChochma; Seder HaTefilla) Tefilla 36 min
Teffilah Vaad 12-13-16 Tefilla 21 min
Tefilla 17 Kedusha #1 (12-30-14) Tefilla 21 min
Tefilla 18 Kedusha #2 (01-06-15) Tefilla 29 min
Tefilla 20 Chonein HaDa'as (Tefillas Moshe - Migdal Dovid) Tefilla 28 min
Tefilla Shiur 08 - 5774 Tefilla 26 min